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We Are Not Electing A Pope, We Are Electing A President

Listen to a Black Trump Supporter Roast A Reporter Who Asked Why He Supports President Trump.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 18, 2020

I supported Trump in 2016, he told us Black people what have you got to lose, and we have  Hillary with a track record of not doing anything since in politics.   This man Mr. Trump came as a businessman with a different mindset, I know people want him to behave and think like a politician but he is not, that is what we need, a man with a different mindset.  We need someone who has actually run a business and knows how to spend money and create jobs, most politicians have not created a job in their life.  
I am not electing a pope, we are electing someone who knows how to create jobs, make great trade deals.  Millions of jobs were lost with ex-presidents Clinton, George Bush, and Obama.  Biden has no accomplishment in the last 47 years of his political career, and most of his voters cannot name any single accomplishme…

Michelle Obama Appeal To American People: No Violence, Vote For Us.

Some of the photos and videos of events in Denver captured on Twitter are heartbreaking.Michelle Obama told us this is not happening!!!

I am lost with words!!!— RealAfricanChik #MAGA (@RealAfrik) October 11, 2020
Extended sequence of events in Denver. The victim backed off. He never stood a chance.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) October 12, 2020
Video 3: Michelle Obama Message to Americans Interpreted.
Michelle Obama Message to American People interpreted as follows: - There is no violence, Trump is lying to you, your eyes are deceiving you. - The Violence, killings, murders, tearing down statues and monuments, burning and setting fire on Bibles, churches and American Flags you see and hear every day on the streets of America are not real, Trump is lying to you.- Vote for us even though we call you racist & bigots- Vote for us so that my husband & I, will have another chance to finally destroy you and America.
Michelle Obama was …

Trump v. Biden: The Problem is BLM and ANTIFA

Democrats and the Mainstream Media strategy is to shift our attention away from the real issues: #BLM and #ANTIFA

Democrats and the Mainstream Media strategy is to shift our attention away from the real issues: #BLM and #ANTIFA- Let us not forget who is burning the American Flag.
- Rioting and setting fire on government offices and Police Stations.
- Terrorizing innocent citizens in Portland, Seatle, New York, &, etc for more than five months
- Destruction of businesses, setting fire on businesses, and looting stores merchandises.
- Targeting and Killing Police Officers, innocent citizens, and Political opponents

The group committing these crimes are #BLM and #ANTIFA Not White Supremacists.
Other Issues At Stake On This #Election2020The Green New ImplementationAbolish the Electoral CollegePack The Supreme Court with Liberal JusticesLegalization of Infanticide, and abortion on demad to be paid for by tax payers.Abolish BordersAbolish ICEFirst Amendment Rights and Freedom of Speech are…

Liberal Women Are Crazy And Dangerous

Re-Imagine the Country Without Liberal Women!!! Just My Thoughts 

In the highly recent charged political environment, and following five months of non-stop protest and rioting over claims of Police brutality, I have watched and listened carefully to the rhetoric in the Mainstream Media by the liberal women, and highly political women figures from the Democratic Party, their behaviors prompts me to come to a conclusion that Liberal Women are failure to womanhood.

Kamala Harris in a recent interview agreed that "America was founded on the principles of racism, sexism, & other hosts of evils. 
This woman is Joe Biden VP Nominee, she hates America so much and is ready to trash the country, our constitution, supports rioting, killings, and anarchy, as she praises BLM and ANTIFA.

Kamala Harris supports the defund the Police movement, in a recent interview when asked about the plan she has in place if the Police are defunded? She starts by saying, "Re-imagine the society without th…

Election 2020: Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) Alleged Voter Fraud Via Ballot Harvesting


Ilhan Omar benefits from her Muslim and Black Privileges, but she thinks America is evil.  Ilhan Omar Lists of fraud and violations of Law keeps expanding:
Election FraudImmigration Fraud Marriage Fraud Tax FraudCampaign Finance Fraud 

Ilhan Omar May Have Violated Multiple Laws: Judicial Watch Has Filed Official Complaint About Her Violations of Law

Ilhan Omar continues to attack President Trump, she recently went on a rampage and claims that President Trump is a racist and xenophobic who hates immigrants who look like her.
This came as President Trump retweets a Tweet from Judicial Watch which confirms that an official complaint has been filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Ilhan Omar for potential violations of law.  See Tweets below...
Judicial Watch has filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Rep. Ilhan Omar potential violations of law. Let us know if you agree that Rep. #IlhanOmar SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED by signing the petition HERE:— Judicial Watch ⚖️ (@JudicialWatch) September 23,

Listen to Ilhan Omar Rampage on the Viedo below: 

Rep. Ilhan Omar: "Not only is [Trump] a racist, but he's a racist xenophobic because he's not against immigration -- he's just against immigrants who look like me."— The Hill…

Senator Lindsey Graham: GOP has the Votes to Confirm President Trump's Nominee for the SCOTUS

In a Fox News appearance of Monday Night, Senator Lindsey Graham confirms that the GOP has enough votes to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee to fill the Seat of the Late Ruth B.Ginsburg's.

Ruth B. Ginsburg passed away on Friday from a complication of a long battle from Pancreatic Cancer.  

President Trump on Tuesday Morning tweets on his Twitter page that he will be making the announcement for the Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday.

"I will be announcing my Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday, at the White House! Exact time TBA".— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 22, 2020
The Democrats continue the threats to block President Trump Supreme Court Nomination by every means possible.  The battle will be long and tough, but the urgency to fill the Seat has increasingly become highly important as the Democrats threaten to challenge the 2020 Presidential election with the full force of their legal machines all over the country. 
Consequently, the result of…

Historic Peace Deal: President Trump Is Making Middle East Peaceful Again - #MMEPA

In a historic ceremony at the White House on September 15, 2020, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed a Historic Peace Agreement to normalize relations with Isreal.  
The Historic Peace Deal was brokered by the Trump Administration as part of the Middle East Plan.

This Historic Peace Agreement is one of the major successes of the Trump Administration's major Foreign Policy Achievements.
Let us celebrate President Trump for his sincere and continuous efforts to bring peace to the Middle East, in all indications President Trump is Making the Middle East Peace Again - #MMEPA
Bravo to the greatest President in recent history, and may God Almighty continue to grant President Trump the wisdom as he strives to bring peace and hope to the world without engaging in endless wars.

Black Lives Matter is Demonic #BLM

Why I Do Not Support the Black Lives Matter (BLM)  Movement / Organization.

- BLM is Demonic, Anti-Christianity, & BLM engage the Bible burning rituals.
- BLM engages in burning Christian Churches and places of worship.
- BLM hurts the Black Communities and Local Businesses through their rioting, looting, and destruction of local businesses.
- BLM is sponsored by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, China, Iran, and Enemies of the United States of America.
- BLM believes in the Intimidation and harassment of anyone who does not support their mission of revised racism.
- BLM calls to defund the police, and the Liberal blue States run by the Democrat Governors have already reduced the budget of the Police Departments, and on the road to eventually defunding their Police Departments. - BLM believes in political terrorism.
- BLM's desire and objective is to dismantle the Nuclear Family.
- BLM does not care about Black on Black murder.

Hello!! it is all about power and control. #WakeUpPeople

Nancy Pelosi Demands An Apology, The American People Say No!!!

Americans Deserve An Apology From Nancy Pelosi

Hypocritical Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of  Representative (D - CA) who was busted in a San Francisco (CA) Neighborhood Salon last week doing her hair Blowout, and walking around inside the Salon without a Mask demands an apology from the Salon Owner, Erica Kious with the claim that she was set-up by the Salon Owner.  Nancy should apology to the American people to have broken her own county rules which she fully supported by locking down countless small businesses for more than six months now. 
In a Pinned Tweet, Erica thanked all her supporters for their support and reconfirmed that Nancy Pelosi will not get an apology.  A GOFUNDME on her behalf has raised $316,831.00 at the time of this publication.  
Consequently, with the amount of money raised and thousands of followers gained on Twitter in just a few days, it appears that Americans agreed with Erica, not Nancy Pelosi.
Nancy Pelosi's outrageous disregard to foll…

Democrats and Jill Biden Maybe Committing Elder Abuse

Who is doing this to Joe Biden?
Joe Biden of today is no longer the Joe Biden of twenty years ago.  Everybody can see clearly his rapid mental decline from his performances in his media appearances. 

- memory loss, absent-minded, loss of words, unable to finish even one short sentence
- Joe Biden cannot even remember the basic concepts of the subjects he talks about.
- Joe Biden cannot remember where he is; confuses the names of cities, Iowa as New Hampshire and vice versa.
- Cannot remember events that happened when he was the Vice President nor events that happened after his Vice Presidency, like the Florida shooting that happened on February 14, 2018.
- Cannot remember Obama's name, calls Obama my friend, or my boss.
- Cannot remember when he took office as the Vice President.
- Cannot remember the Office he is running for, so bad with numbers, and dates.
And despite all these signs of mental decline the Democrats still push him around to be their nominee for the 2020 Presidential elect…

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump and His Supporter Cult Members

Nancy Pelosi, the Mainstream, and Liberal Elites call Trump and his Supporter "Cult Member".  
Listen, and watch my spiritual interpretation on why Pelosi and the Mainstream Media refer to Trump and his supporter as cult members.
#Prayers, #Winning #SpiritualIntepretation

Will Trump accept the 2020 election result?

Let us ask the same question to Biden, the Democrat, and the Mainstream Media 

Will Trump Accept Results of the November 2020 Election?

The Hypocrisy is unprecedented: Question to the Democratic Party, Hilary, Pelosi, and the Mainstream Media.  

Let us ask the same question to Biden, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media. Will Biden and his party accept the results of the 2020 Presidential Election results. Subsequently I will go further to remind Hillary, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media that they are yet to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential Election.
The breakdown below shows the years, months,  days, hours, and minutes Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream media have not accepted the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.  The lack of acceptance has driven them to various hoaxes from Russia, Ukraine, false Impeachment, and totally insane behaviors.    The Democrats of today just want power and they want to get it by force, and any means possible.
Breakdown in years, months, days, hours, and minutes that Hillary and the Democrats have not accepted the result of th…

New Definition of Racism

Everything Is About Racism and Racist
- A New World  - New Words  - New Meanings  - New Dictionary 
My dear friends, 
Buckle up, this is the new world we are living in today.  Who would have thought that our world would change so fast to the extent that everything that was considered normal and good is now regarded as evil, racist, and symbols of oppression by the radical progressive socialist leftists, the "woke" community, and mainstream media? Nobody in the right sense of mind would imagine that this will be going on today in our culture.  They call it a cultural revolution or social justice, either one does not make any real sense.  
Yes, such is the world we live in today. It is like a twilight zone, where one suddenly wakes with that panic face and heart racing, rubs the eyes hard to re-confirm he/she is truly awake.
In the Liberal progressive socialist new world, the definition of racist has changed to conform to liberal wishes and demands.   The word racist has become a cari…

‘How our houseboy killed my wife, tried to kill me too’

What is worse to be killed on her Birthday!!!

A Heartbreaking story from Nigeria on how a houseboy killed his Madam and attempted to kill the husband as well.  This story is lifted from Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria to give it more publicity outside Nigeria because this is pure evil.  Evil exists in different forms and unfortunately, there is no perfect way to dictate what is in the minds of people.  The only thing we human beings can do to minimize this kind of misfortune is to listen to our inner mind, follow our instincts, and to be extremely careful about whom we bring into our homes. 

In the case of this woman Mrs. Victoria Wilcox 55 years old, employed her killer as a house boy and storekeeper. Mrs. Wilcox, a Christian (Catholic) had the passion of selling sacramentals, which the house boy a Muslim confessed that he was offended by the act of the woman bringing the sacramental for him to sell without minding that he is a Muslim.

On further interrogation why he did not resign from the …

President Trump Signed a Historic Peace Deal Between Isreal and the UAE

History Made: President Trump Announces Peace Deal Between Isreal and UAE.

Thank you, President Trump!!! for your hard works and dedication in all you do, more especially your continous and relentless efforts to bring long-lasting peace in the Middle East and around the world.

Reference: Viedo credited to Fox News.

How Michelle Obama can help the African American Youths

Stop Blaming Trump: Use your Platform to help the African American Youths.

Ex-President Barack Obama came into power in 2008 as the first African American President in the history of the country which made his wife Michelle Obama as the first Black First Lady of the United of America.  
To the liberal progressive and the Democrats Obama was the right man for the job at the right time to take over from ex-President Bush after his two terms in office.  The 2008 economic collapse caused by the fall in the housing market, unending Iraq, and Afghanistan wars pressured the majority of Americans to the desired change in leadership, and Obama was that change the majority of Americans desired to restore the economy and bring positive changes to the African American communities.  
Immediately after the Obama Inauguration, Michelle Obama begins to enjoy high favorability ratings in and outside the United States. The African Americans saw Obama as their own and their hero.  The same was applicable t…

Burial Turned into Political Rally

The Burial for the Democrat Representative John Lewis was turned into a political campaign last week when the formal President Barack Obama took the stage to attack President Trump's policies, criticized the voting right,  inequality in America, and filibuster which he previously supported when he was a Senator and as President.

Obama further took it to the next level of outright face out lies, slander, and deceit with false claims that the mob and anarchists rioting, looting, killing, and destruction going on in the inner cities of America for continuous eight weeks now has been peaceful, at the same time criticizes President Trump for sending in the federal troops to control the lawlessness and unrest in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and other cities that have witnessed havoc, anarchy, high crimes, killings, and destruction of private, state and federal properties.  

Obama also falsely claimed that Black minorities and students are denied the opportunity to vo…

What To expect when the Democrat are in total control of power

Analysis of government and social Institutions at Risk with the Democrat quest for power, and one-party rule.
The Democrats want ONE party rule, in this video, we analyze what institutions are at risk if the Democrats get total control of power.  

Watch, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more updates and unfiltered analysis of the current political climate in the country.

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