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What To expect when the Democrat are in total control of power

Analysis of government and social Institutions at Risk with the Democrat quest for power, and one-party rule. The Democrats want ONE party rule, in this video, we analyze what institutions are at risk if the Democrats get total control of power.   Watch, share, and subscribe to my  Youtube Channel for more updates and unfiltered analysis of the current political climate in the country. Comments are welcome.

What to expect from the Democrat when in complete control of power #Def...


The Lists of Institutions at Risk and, likely to be abolished or defunded by the Democrats

List of Government Agencies and Social Institutions the Democrats will defund if they have their way: It all started with a call to defund the ICE in 2019 after the media and the democrats made false accusations that the Trump Administration put i llegal children who arrived across the Southern border from Mexico into cages in the ICE detention camp, but the truth was that the photos of illegal children in the cages of the ICE detention camp at the Southern border were taken in 2014 when the then President Obama was in Office.    Click this link to  AP Fact Check Article:  2014 Children in cages wrongly used to attack Trump policies  The Democrats and the media knew that was the case, but they went with the story anyway, just to have an opportunity to attack President Trump, denigrate, disparage, and vilify our hard-working men and women of  The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) whose major mission is to protect America from cross border crimes and illegal immig


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Fight For America

Dear Freedom-Loving Patriots, Fight For America, No more silence  I write this message to encourage you to continue to fight for your country because it is the right thing to do.  This is a very difficult time for all of us, especially the freedom-loving people of this country.  If you are like me you are truly disturbed with what is happening to our country, the radical left is destroying everything that makes our country proud, unique, and great. The Democrats Party wants to radically transform our country into a communist-socialist state.  Thousands of American lives were lost to give us the freedom we enjoy today, but all of a sudden the radical leftist are working overtime to eradicate our freedom of speech, destroy everything we build over the years, burn our businesses, our places of worship, parks, and sacred places.   The Radical Democrats, Hollywood elites, and the propaganda mainstream media embrace the radical movement of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA that desire to rad

Our Mission

Our mission is to report real stories from real people in order to give them a voice and provide them with opportunities, and platforms to seek help to real-life challenging events. We empower and provide educational and commonsense information to the public with the truth of life, political situations in the United States of American, and Africa through our various educational videos available here on our website and our Youtube Channel and other social media platforms.  Youtube Channel We raise funds to provide financial assistance to those who suffer perpetual hunger and poverty in Africa.    

Mysterious Fire left blind man, wife and four children homeless

  Rubbles of the Jikeme's family    A devastating heartbreaking fire incident that shock the villagers, and leave a blind man, wife, and four children homeless with nothing to hang on; no clothes, no shelter, no food, not even a pin was save from the family home of Joseph Jikeme in Nigeria.  With a sober and shaken voice, he said "I am finished, my life is over, all that we have built for years have gone within a twinkle of my eyes, where do I go from here? how can I rebuild when I have no income?"     Photo of Jikeme's family Mr. Joseph Jikeme became blind three years ago. He is married with four children. According to his story, on that fateful day Wednesday, June the 10th of this year, the family left their home for early morning prayer devotion around 6.00 am Nigerian time, and returned back to see huge smoke cover all the compound, with the fire still flames from t