Mysterious Fire left blind man, wife and four children homeless


A devastating heartbreaking fire incident that shock the villagers, and leave a blind man, wife, and four children homeless with nothing to hang on; no clothes, no shelter, no food, not even a pin was save from the family home of Joseph Jikeme in Nigeria. 

The Jikeme Family  Photo of Jikeme's family

Mr. Joseph Jikeme became blind three years ago. He is married with four children. According to his story, on that fateful day Wednesday, June the 10th of this year, the family left their home for early morning prayer devotion around 6.00 am Nigerian time, and returned back to see huge smoke cover all the compound, with the fire still flames from the rubbles of the house. All efforts by the villagers to put off the fire proves abortive.

The ten-room apartment was completely razed down by the mysterious fire. The fire was suspicious and mysterious; nobody saw how it started, but there were rumors that some wicked beasts in the village may have pour gasoline on the house and set it on fire for no reason.  It is heartbreaking for the family; Mr. Joseph is blind for three years; a retired government worker who has not being paid his earned pensions from the government for two years now.  It has been the norm in Nigeria for government workers to work without receiving a paycheck due to the highly systematic corruption in the Nigerian government.  The wife is a petty trader that makes less than ten dollars a day,  the four children who are underage are all still in primary and secondary schools respectively.    With the help of friends and some extended family members, the family is able to survive with food and temporary shelter, but it has not been easy, coupled with the effects of the coronavirus around the world the family is almost running out of help. 

Though no life was lost, it was a heavy blow for the poor blind man and his family who can hardly feed on one meal a day during this pandemic.  It is very difficult to overcome this emotionally, but the family struggles to raise money to get a temporary place to shelter. The Jikeme is left alone to care for their losses, the police, the government, the insurance is almost nonfunctional in this part of the world.  What a wicked world!  Stories like this reaffirm my appreciation of civilized countries, how important it is to live in a planned organized society with functional infrastructures and institutions that provide assistance in times of disaster and incidents like this.

I bring this story to light to seek public support for this family; the current challenge for the family is to get a temporary shelter before the end of July.   Presently they are squatting separately with different extended family members.    

The Jikeme family is passionately appealing for help from anyone who is touch by their story to support them overcome this challenge through donations on their Gofundme page with this link.  Click to donate: GOFUNDME 

Gofundme is a secured fundraising raising website with a great reputation.   Click the link below to donate to the Jikeme's family.

Good people of the world, friends, and fans please help me to comfort this family by showing them supports in words and in deeds; through your contributions.  Any donation is highly appreciated, no amount is too small.  I know that it is a difficult time all around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people remain unemployed and many lost their lives, may your pocket be replenished by his grace and may you stay safe during this difficult times.  

The link below leads to the Gofundme page to support Jikeme's family.

Juliana Egwim-Schmidt lives in the USA, a blogger that reports real-life stories and advocate for the voiceless, the poor, children, and the hungry.  A promoter of a positive lifestyle.  For public disclosure, I know the Jikeme family.  

Though you may not know them, I believe that angels are everywhere, and that is why I use my platform to offer them a voice and support during this difficult time.  
Any money raised will go directly to the family to help them get a temporary shelter   

Your anticipated supports and contributions would be highly appreciated.   Your action does not stop in contribution, kindly share this story on your social media networks, and encourage your followers to do the same, because a clusters of trees makes a big forest.    It is said that angels are everywhere, be the angel today to this family, and donate to support them, Thanks for your donation. 
Video of the children touring their destroyed home 

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