Fight For America

Dear Freedom-Loving Patriots,

Fight For America, No more silence 

I write this message to encourage you to continue to fight for your country because it is the right thing to do.  This is a very difficult time for all of us, especially the freedom-loving people of this country.  If you are like me you are truly disturbed with what is happening to our country, the radical left is destroying everything that makes our country proud, unique, and great.

The Democrats Party wants to radically transform our country into a communist-socialist state.  Thousands of American lives were lost to give us the freedom we enjoy today, but all of a sudden the radical leftist are working overtime to eradicate our freedom of speech, destroy everything we build over the years, burn our businesses, our places of worship, parks, and sacred places.


The Radical Democrats, Hollywood elites, and the propaganda mainstream media embrace the radical movement of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA that desire to radically transform our great country into a socialist-communist state, dismantle the nuclear family, silence political oppositions, attack Christians, defame our places of worship, and denigrate anyone who does not agree with their radical agenda as racist.  

This radical agenda could not be hidden any longer as Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar recently calls for to dismantle the American political and economic system in the name of social justice.


As someone who has experienced life in three continents of the world, I can confidently state that America is a great country and the majority of American people are good people who work hard to support their families, their country, volunteer to help strangers and those in need herein America and all over the world. 


I have come to learn that no other country in this world has acquired much power, and use it less, but more to help and advance human conditions all around the world.  America is a country with abundant opportunities, a home for freedom-loving people.  In fact, America stands for freedom & justice for all.


My Dear fellow Americans, it is time for us to stand together at the grassroots level to fight with President Trump to save America.  That is why I am on Twitter and other social media outlets to spread the truth as much as I can, and as much as these techs censorship masters can allow me.  They are silent conservative voices every day, while our elected officials stand and do nothing. 

President Trump is the only person fighting for us, and that is why we need to work harder and unite together to re-elect him.  From now till the election day, I will not rest, I will fight at the grassroots to spread the truth so that together we will re-elect President Donald J. Trump as the 45Th President of The United States America, second term. 

Please watch my videos and share as much as you can because the right information is the power we have to win over undecided voters. 

Let people know that President Trump has more support than the media project comes November the 3rd, 2020.  

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Thanks for reading.

Unapologetic Trump Supporter



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