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Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump and His Supporter Cult Members

Nancy Pelosi, the Mainstream, and Liberal Elites call Trump and his Supporter "Cult Member".  
Listen, and watch my spiritual interpretation on why Pelosi and the Mainstream Media refer to Trump and his supporter as cult members.
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Will Trump accept the 2020 election result?

Let us ask the same question to Biden, the Democrat, and the Mainstream Media 

Will Trump Accept Results of the November 2020 Election?

The Hypocrisy is unprecedented: Question to the Democratic Party, Hilary, Pelosi, and the Mainstream Media.  

Let us ask the same question to Biden, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media. Will Biden and his party accept the results of the 2020 Presidential Election results. Subsequently I will go further to remind Hillary, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media that they are yet to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential Election.
The breakdown below shows the years, months,  days, hours, and minutes Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and the Mainstream media have not accepted the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.  The lack of acceptance has driven them to various hoaxes from Russia, Ukraine, false Impeachment, and totally insane behaviors.    The Democrats of today just want power and they want to get it by force, and any means possible.
Breakdown in years, months, days, hours, and minutes that Hillary and the Democrats have not accepted the result of th…

New Definition of Racism

Everything Is About Racism and Racist
- A New World  - New Words  - New Meanings  - New Dictionary 
My dear friends, 
Buckle up, this is the new world we are living in today.  Who would have thought that our world would change so fast to the extent that everything that was considered normal and good is now regarded as evil, racist, and symbols of oppression by the radical progressive socialist leftists, the "woke" community, and mainstream media? Nobody in the right sense of mind would imagine that this will be going on today in our culture.  They call it a cultural revolution or social justice, either one does not make any real sense.  
Yes, such is the world we live in today. It is like a twilight zone, where one suddenly wakes with that panic face and heart racing, rubs the eyes hard to re-confirm he/she is truly awake.
In the Liberal progressive socialist new world, the definition of racist has changed to conform to liberal wishes and demands.   The word racist has become a cari…

‘How our houseboy killed my wife, tried to kill me too’

What is worse to be killed on her Birthday!!!

A Heartbreaking story from Nigeria on how a houseboy killed his Madam and attempted to kill the husband as well.  This story is lifted from Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria to give it more publicity outside Nigeria because this is pure evil.  Evil exists in different forms and unfortunately, there is no perfect way to dictate what is in the minds of people.  The only thing we human beings can do to minimize this kind of misfortune is to listen to our inner mind, follow our instincts, and to be extremely careful about whom we bring into our homes. 

In the case of this woman Mrs. Victoria Wilcox 55 years old, employed her killer as a house boy and storekeeper. Mrs. Wilcox, a Christian (Catholic) had the passion of selling sacramentals, which the house boy a Muslim confessed that he was offended by the act of the woman bringing the sacramental for him to sell without minding that he is a Muslim.

On further interrogation why he did not resign from the …

President Trump Signed a Historic Peace Deal Between Isreal and the UAE

History Made: President Trump Announces Peace Deal Between Isreal and UAE.

Thank you, President Trump!!! for your hard works and dedication in all you do, more especially your continous and relentless efforts to bring long-lasting peace in the Middle East and around the world.

Reference: Viedo credited to Fox News.

How Michelle Obama can help the African American Youths

Stop Blaming Trump: Use your Platform to help the African American Youths.

Ex-President Barack Obama came into power in 2008 as the first African American President in the history of the country which made his wife Michelle Obama as the first Black First Lady of the United of America.  
To the liberal progressive and the Democrats Obama was the right man for the job at the right time to take over from ex-President Bush after his two terms in office.  The 2008 economic collapse caused by the fall in the housing market, unending Iraq, and Afghanistan wars pressured the majority of Americans to the desired change in leadership, and Obama was that change the majority of Americans desired to restore the economy and bring positive changes to the African American communities.  
Immediately after the Obama Inauguration, Michelle Obama begins to enjoy high favorability ratings in and outside the United States. The African Americans saw Obama as their own and their hero.  The same was applicable t…

Burial Turned into Political Rally

The Burial for the Democrat Representative John Lewis was turned into a political campaign last week when the formal President Barack Obama took the stage to attack President Trump's policies, criticized the voting right,  inequality in America, and filibuster which he previously supported when he was a Senator and as President.

Obama further took it to the next level of outright face out lies, slander, and deceit with false claims that the mob and anarchists rioting, looting, killing, and destruction going on in the inner cities of America for continuous eight weeks now has been peaceful, at the same time criticizes President Trump for sending in the federal troops to control the lawlessness and unrest in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and other cities that have witnessed havoc, anarchy, high crimes, killings, and destruction of private, state and federal properties.  

Obama also falsely claimed that Black minorities and students are denied the opportunity to vo…