How Michelle Obama can help the African American Youths

Stop Blaming Trump: Use your Platform to help the African American Youths.

Ex-President Barack Obama came into power in 2008 as the first African American President in the history of the country which made his wife Michelle Obama as the first Black First Lady of the United of America.  

To the liberal progressive and the Democrats Obama was the right man for the job at the right time to take over from ex-President Bush after his two terms in office.  The 2008 economic collapse caused by the fall in the housing market, unending Iraq, and Afghanistan wars pressured the majority of Americans to the desired change in leadership, and Obama was that change the majority of Americans desired to restore the economy and bring positive changes to the African American communities.  

Immediately after the Obama Inauguration, Michelle Obama begins to enjoy high favorability ratings in and outside the United States. The African Americans saw Obama as their own and their hero.  The same was applicable to Africans in other parts of the world who viewed Obama in the same way;  their own man, their own flesh, and blood who will deliver to the African Nations.  Unfortunately, after 8 years of Obama's Presidency, many black people in the United States and outside the United States were left with huge disappointments.

Subsequently, Michelle Obama could not help the African American youths either, who desperately need redirection and guidance?   It is generally known that the problems in the Black communities have been lingering for decades under the leadership of Democrat Governors and Mayors who institute liberal policies that result in more damages than solve any problem. It is well known and has been evidenced that liberal policies create problems, contribute to higher crimes, higher unemployment, dysfunctional families, and more dependence on government welfare programs.  Under the Obama Presidency, African American unemployment was at a double-digit.   
The Obama's were loved by the majority of African Americans and the white progressive liberals to the extent that Obama's family portraits and Michelle became the number one home decor that is proudly displayed in private offices and homes.  Without saying too much, Obama was so influential among the African Americans, and many believed in him.  The same amount of influence can be attributed to Michelle Obama. 

Michelle Obama Says She's Dealing With 'Low-Grade Depression' During Lockdown. Blames Trump Administration, racial strife, and Covid-19 Lockdown.

In a recent interview with the NPR Michelle Obama says she is dealing with low-grade depression cause by COVID-19 Lockdown, Trump Administration, and racial strife.

Instead of complaining and casting blames on the Trump Administration for the racial strife she and her husband caused during their eight years in the White House, Mrs. Obama should use her platform to save the life of the misguided African American youths who shot and kill each other at an alarming rate in American inner cities.   Michelle Obama can rise above the politics of division, anger, lies, and slander and actually help to save a generation that is wasting away.    

Naturally and biblically women have been endowed with the special natural power to nature, care, and being the middle person for peace.  Esther in the Bible used her platform as a queen to save the Jewish people when Haman planned to exterminate them (Esther 4:6).

In view of the above, I suggest that Michelle Obama can do better to help the African American youths and the communities that have been ravaged with high shootings and killings.  Michelle can use her influential position to honestly inform the African American youths on the truth behind a successful lifestyle instead of blaming systematic racism on everything, and anything.

-  openly use her platform to re-educate the minds of the African American youths to understand that they are not victims, and violence is not the answer to challenges in life. 

- educate the African American youths on the importance of finishing at least high school education.

- educate the African American youths on how to love themselves and the value of human life.

-  educate the African American youths on the importance of family, and how to build one.

- educate the African American youths to stop having children out of wedlock, because it hinders their ability to grow and fully develop themselves into independent beings.

How Michelle Obama can help African American Youths.

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