Black Lives Matter is Demonic #BLM


Why I Do Not Support the Black Lives Matter (BLM)  Movement / Organization.

- BLM is Demonic, Anti-Christianity, & BLM engage the Bible burning rituals.

- BLM engages in burning Christian Churches and places of worship.

- BLM hurts the Black Communities and Local Businesses through their rioting, looting, and destruction of local businesses.

- BLM is sponsored by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, China, Iran, and Enemies of the United States of America.

- BLM believes in the Intimidation and harassment of anyone who does not support their mission of revised racism.

- BLM calls to defund the police, and the Liberal blue States run by the Democrat Governors have already reduced the budget of the Police Departments, and on the road to eventually defunding their Police Departments.
- BLM believes in political terrorism.

- BLM's desire and objective is to dismantle the Nuclear Family.

- BLM does not care about Black on Black murder.

Hello!! it is all about power and control. #WakeUpPeople


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