Democrats and Jill Biden Maybe Committing Elder Abuse


Who is doing this to Joe Biden?

Joe Biden of today is no longer the Joe Biden of twenty years ago.  Everybody can see clearly his rapid mental decline from his performances in his media appearances. 

- memory loss, absent-minded, loss of words, unable to finish even one short sentence

- Joe Biden cannot even remember the basic concepts of the subjects he talks about.

- Joe Biden cannot remember where he is; confuses the names of cities, Iowa as New Hampshire and vice versa.

- Cannot remember events that happened when he was the Vice President nor events that happened after his Vice Presidency, like the Florida shooting that happened on February 14, 2018.

- Cannot remember Obama's name, calls Obama my friend, or my boss.

- Cannot remember when he took office as the Vice President.

- Cannot remember the Office he is running for, so bad with numbers, and dates.

And despite all these signs of mental decline the Democrats still push him around to be their nominee for the 2020 Presidential election.  It is pathetic.

  • My question is who is doing this to Joe Biden?  
  • How can Dr. Jill Biden claim to Love her husband and allow this mental and psychological abuse to go on so long?
  • Where is Dr. Jill Biden's empathy?
  • Where is Dr. Jill Biden's compassion?
The Democrats claim to care for people but actually care less
 about anybody except for their power and themselves.

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