Liberal Women Are Crazy And Dangerous

Re-Imagine the Country Without Liberal Women!!! Just My Thoughts 

In the highly recent charged political environment, and following five months of non-stop protest and rioting over claims of Police brutality, I have watched and listened carefully to the rhetoric in the Mainstream Media by the liberal women, and highly political women figures from the Democratic Party, their behaviors prompts me to come to a conclusion that Liberal Women are failure to womanhood.

Kamala Harris in a recent interview agreed that "America was founded on the principles of racism, sexism, & other hosts of evils. 

This woman is Joe Biden VP Nominee, she hates America so much and is ready to trash the country, our constitution, supports rioting, killings, and anarchy, as she praises BLM and ANTIFA.

Kamala Harris supports the defund the Police movement, in a recent interview when asked about the plan she has in place if the Police are defunded? She starts by saying, "Re-imagine the society without the Police"   

Do you know that in 1933, the first steps Hitler Interior Minister took were to defund and eliminate Police departments, he did this to make sure that the Police Force will not interfere with his Brown Shirt Army whose mission it was to riot, loot, burn private and public properties, kill citizens to sway elections to his favor.  

Friends, do we see the same pattern here in what is going on in the United States of America today?

Yes, the majority of Americans who oppose this movement as indicted in various public opinion polls,  defunding the police would be chaotic with high crimes, and murder.  Police can be reformed, not defunding.

Given Senator Kamala Harris "Re-Imagine" phrase, I would like to take you the Viewers, and the American people on the road to re-imagine a country without the likes of Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of them in the media and Holywood.  

Re-imagine a Country without: 

  • Liberal women who claim to be victims of everything and anything.  

  • White Liberal women who are filled with unexplainable and unnecessary guilt for everything and anything.

  • Liberal women who hate the conservative men with passion, and constantly refers them to "White Supremacists" or "Sell-Out" or Uncle Tom, In the case of Black Conservative men

  • Liberal women who parade themselves as the spokespersons for the Democratic Party and constantly instigate riots, gaslights every incident, promote violence, division, and hatred of others who do not agree with their radical viewpoints on policies like abortion, immigration, Gun control, and sex education and indoctrination of minors and young people.

  •  Liberal women who spread unprecedented lies, hoaxes, slanders, indoctrinate young children with hatred for their country, and hatred for people who do not think like them.

  •  Liberal women who have no problem telling a 5-year-old boy he is a girl simply because the boy likes to play with her sister's toy.

  • Liberal women who believe in  57+ genders, while screaming that others do not believe in science, but ignore the biological science of male and female.

  •  Liberal women who falsely accused men of sexual assault, women like Christine Basely Ford

  • Liberal women who think is alright for other people to pay for their abortion, and encourage you, women, to go ahead and kill their unborn babies, in some cases infanticide. 

  • Liberal women who are busy 24/7 sowing negative seeds of racism, sexism, and divisions that will destroy generations to come.

Friends, when we re-imagined all these scenarios, assuming that our re-imagination can be true, this country will be more peaceful without rioting, destruction, killings, resentment of one another, and constant hatred and harassment from the leftist Democrats.

I urge these Liberal women to repent, reconsider their dangerous actions, the day of judgment is coming, the earth and heaven are watching them.  

Repent before it is too late.

Watch:  "Yes": Sen. Kamala Harris Agrees With Claim America Is Founded On "Evils”

"Yes": Sen. Kamala Harris Agrees With Claim America Is Founded On "Evils”


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