Senator Lindsey Graham: GOP has the Votes to Confirm President Trump's Nominee for the SCOTUS

In a Fox News appearance of Monday Night, Senator Lindsey Graham confirms that the GOP has enough votes to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee to fill the Seat of the Late Ruth B.Ginsburg's.

Ruth B. Ginsburg passed away on Friday from a complication of a long battle from Pancreatic Cancer.  


President Trump on Tuesday Morning tweets on his Twitter page that he will be making the announcement for the Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday.

The Democrats continue the threats to block President Trump Supreme Court Nomination by every means possible.  The battle will be long and tough, but the urgency to fill the Seat has increasingly become highly important as the Democrats threaten to challenge the 2020 Presidential election with the full force of their legal machines all over the country. 

Consequently, the result of the 2020 Presidential election may be in the hands of the Supreme Court, and it is dangerous to have eight Supreme Court Justices in the Country's highest court at this time of high political tension.

The stakes are high!!! If the GOP failed in their Constitutional duty to confirm President Trump's #SCOTUS Nominee, their Voters will not forgive them.




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