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We Are Not Electing A Pope, We Are Electing A President

Listen to a Black Trump Supporter Roast A Reporter Who Asked Why He Supports President Trump.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 18, 2020

I supported Trump in 2016, he told us Black people what have you got to lose, and we have  Hillary with a track record of not doing anything since in politics.   This man Mr. Trump came as a businessman with a different mindset, I know people want him to behave and think like a politician but he is not, that is what we need, a man with a different mindset.  We need someone who has actually run a business and knows how to spend money and create jobs, most politicians have not created a job in their life.  
I am not electing a pope, we are electing someone who knows how to create jobs, make great trade deals.  Millions of jobs were lost with ex-presidents Clinton, George Bush, and Obama.  Biden has no accomplishment in the last 47 years of his political career, and most of his voters cannot name any single accomplishme…

Michelle Obama Appeal To American People: No Violence, Vote For Us.

Some of the photos and videos of events in Denver captured on Twitter are heartbreaking.Michelle Obama told us this is not happening!!!

I am lost with words!!!— RealAfricanChik #MAGA (@RealAfrik) October 11, 2020
Extended sequence of events in Denver. The victim backed off. He never stood a chance.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) October 12, 2020
Video 3: Michelle Obama Message to Americans Interpreted.
Michelle Obama Message to American People interpreted as follows: - There is no violence, Trump is lying to you, your eyes are deceiving you. - The Violence, killings, murders, tearing down statues and monuments, burning and setting fire on Bibles, churches and American Flags you see and hear every day on the streets of America are not real, Trump is lying to you.- Vote for us even though we call you racist & bigots- Vote for us so that my husband & I, will have another chance to finally destroy you and America.
Michelle Obama was …

Trump v. Biden: The Problem is BLM and ANTIFA

Democrats and the Mainstream Media strategy is to shift our attention away from the real issues: #BLM and #ANTIFA

Democrats and the Mainstream Media strategy is to shift our attention away from the real issues: #BLM and #ANTIFA- Let us not forget who is burning the American Flag.
- Rioting and setting fire on government offices and Police Stations.
- Terrorizing innocent citizens in Portland, Seatle, New York, &, etc for more than five months
- Destruction of businesses, setting fire on businesses, and looting stores merchandises.
- Targeting and Killing Police Officers, innocent citizens, and Political opponents

The group committing these crimes are #BLM and #ANTIFA Not White Supremacists.
Other Issues At Stake On This #Election2020The Green New ImplementationAbolish the Electoral CollegePack The Supreme Court with Liberal JusticesLegalization of Infanticide, and abortion on demad to be paid for by tax payers.Abolish BordersAbolish ICEFirst Amendment Rights and Freedom of Speech are…