We Are Not Electing A Pope, We Are Electing A President


Listen to a Black Trump Supporter Roast A Reporter Who Asked Why He Supports President Trump.

I supported Trump in 2016, he told us Black people what have you got to lose, and we have  Hillary with a track record of not doing anything since in politics.   This man Mr. Trump came as a businessman with a different mindset, I know people want him to behave and think like a politician but he is not, that is what we need, a man with a different mindset.  We need someone who has actually run a business and knows how to spend money and create jobs, most politicians have not created a job in their life.  

I am not electing a pope, we are electing someone who knows how to create jobs, make great trade deals.  Millions of jobs were lost with ex-presidents Clinton, George Bush, and Obama.  Biden has no accomplishment in the last 47 years of his political career, and most of his voters cannot name any single accomplishment of Joe Biden.

That is an informed Trump Voter !!!

President Trump is for:

- Freedom For All 

- Law and Order

- Safety For All

- Support the Police 

- Pro-life, the voice for the voiceless

- 2nd Amendment

- Legal Immigration

- Tax Cuts 

- Strong Military: Peace through Strenght 

- Small Government

- Grant Better Health Insurance with protection for pre-existing conditions. 

- Free Market Principles

- Voter ID


Biden Is For:

- Big Government 

- High Taxes 

- Open Border

- Pro-Abortion: Infanticides

- Over Regulation

- Over Control and Federal Mandated Lockdown 

- Gun Control

- Court Packing with Activist Judges 

- Sanctuary Cities 

- Undermine the integrity of the USA election by letting illegals vote.

- Defund the Police 

- Eliminate Private Health Insurance 

- Weak Military    



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